Meet the 2019-20 Executive Board

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(Not pictured: Amy Dussault and Justine Hurley)

NSEA is a member-led organization. Executive Board members are elected every two years and meet monthly to set NSEA's goals, budget, and provide leadership and direction. The 2019-2020 Executive Board members are:

          Tim Brittell, NSEA President

          Jon VandeMoortel, Cert VP, Northshore MS

          Robbi Reed, ESP VP, Woodmoor Elem

          Kristina Saunders, Sect./Treas., Lockwood Elem

          Gail Bauman, Northshore MS

          Lauren Dandridge, North Creek HS

          Amy Dussault, Northshore MS

          Tiffany Frane, North Creek HS

          Jamey Austad, Crystal Springs Elem

          Patrick Holmes, Bothell HS

          Justine Hurley, Leota MS

          Kim Leatherman, Sorenson ECC

          Nani Lium, ATP-Networks

          Tim Rhoades, Crystal Springs Elem

          Sheri Setzer, Canyon Park MS

          Calle Sullivan, Shelton View Elem

          Karyn Sullivan, Fernwood Elem

          Janet Tamura, Fernwood Elem 

2019-2020 Building Reps

2019-20 Building Reps
2019-20 Building Reps


Each work site may have one Representative for every 15 Association members (cert and ESP) or major fraction thereof. Certs and ESPs may act as Building Reps. Let NSEA know who your Building Reps are ASAP (email Lydia). 
2019-2020 Rep Council Meeting Dates
Meetings are held from 4:30 to 6:30 pm at Country Inn and Suites, Bothell 
Monday, October 14
Monday, November 18
Tuesday, December 9
Monday, January 13
Monday, February 10
Monday, March 9: location TBD
Monday, April 20
Monday, May 11
Monday, June 8

2019-2020 Dues Reduction 

Building Reps (cert and ESP) are eligible for an NSEA local cert dues reduction in June, 2020 if they attend 80% of monthly Rep Council meetings AND their building is represented at 90% of meetings. 

US Teams 

While Building Reps are responsible for attending monthly Rep Council meetings and organizing their school, having a network in place is essential for effective communication. This network is the US Team—Union Support Team. NSEA’s goal is to have an active US Team at every work site. US Team members work with the Building Rep(s) to communicate with coworkers: 

        • Ask co-workers to be at monthly school Association meetings and other events. 

        • Hand distribute flyers. 

        • Sign up co-workers for actions such as phone banking. 

If you are interested in joining your school's US Team, contact your Building Rep.