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If you have questions about the NSD Professional Development fund or the ESP Scholarship, please contact Sarah Beeson at

Summary of Scholarship and Tuition Reimbursement Resources for ESPs

Pre-Tax Tuition Reimbursement NSD Program – 2023-2025 ESP CBA Article 12, Section 12.22, page 13

12.22 A Pre-Tax Tuition Reimbursement Program will be in effect whereby Association members may elect, prior to October 10 of each year to convert up to 40 (forty) unused professional hours compensation into a pre-tax tuition reimbursement program. Tuition expenses to be reimbursed must be incurred on or after the first work day of the school year through August 31 of the same contract year. Each employee can submit up to three reimbursement requests per contract year. Final receipt submission must be received by the District no later than August 31 of the contract year for which the pre-tax tuition reimbursement was elected. Reimbursement payments will be made upon submittal of authorized receipts in accordance with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations. Should the program at any stage be found to be out of compliance with IRS regulations, the District and Association will meet and take appropriate actions, including the recovery of employee payroll taxes, if necessary.

  • Before October 10 of every school year
  • Lose access to using professional hours

ESP Professional Development Fund – joint NSD/NSEA fund, 2023-25 ESP CBA Article 28, page 42-43

  • Limited to $500 per contract year
  • No restriction to class level or type if applicable to current or future job duties
  • Reimbursement only

NSEA/NSD ESP Teaching Certificate Scholarship  2023-2025 ESP CBA Appendix J, Page 94

  • Must have 3 years of employment in NSD
  • Must be member of NSEA for at least three years prior to first application (can count year of application)
  • Junior credit or equivalency (or higher) classes only
  • Minimum $2000 per year for no more than 3 application cycles
  • Maximum depends on number of applicants
  • Limited to 5 total applicants an application cycle
  • Reimbursement only
  • Application form may be completed electronically in Adobe Acrobat through "Fill & Sign" feature
  • Applications due by 5:00pm on April 19, 2024

WEA-Retired Scholarships

WEA-Retired offers $1,000 nonrenewable scholarships to aid WEA members in enhancing skills in specific education areas and/or attaining or maintaining a teaching certificate. The scholarships cannot be used to pay for incurred debt for past classes or reimbursement for pre-paid classes. You must be a WEA member to apply – if you are a member of NSEA you are a member of WEA. 

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